Account Types

  • Checking
  • FREE - No monthly service charges. No minium balance required. Balances do not eart interest. Free MasterCard debit card. Use anywhere Mastercard is accepted. We also offer Courtesy Pay, which is overdraft protection for your checking account.
  • Savings
  • Kid's Club
  • The Kid's Club Account is a great way to teach children the principles of saving for a rainy day and building a nest egg for their future. The account is open youth ages birth-18. There is a $5.00 minimum to open the account. Interest will be compiled quarterly.
  • Christmas Club
  • A savings account that can help you save for the holiday season or any occasion.
  • CDs
  • A savings account that pays a higher dividend rate compared to a regular savings account.
  • Benefit Shares
  • A savings account attached to an insurance policy. A maximum of $2000.00 required.
  • IRA
  • A Traditional IRA is a tax-advantaged arrangement that allows earnings and deductible contributions to grow tax-deferred. That means you don't pay income taxes on the earnings and deductible contributions of your IRA until you begin taking withdrawals, usually after you retire and possibly are in a lower tax bracket
  • Roth IRA
  • A Roth IRA allows you to: 1. accumulate earnings on a tax-deferred basis 2. withdraw earnings tax-free for qualified distributions Unlike a Traditional IRA, contributions to a Roth IRA are not deductible from your gross income on your federal income tax return. However, since you have already paid taxes on the money you've contributed to the account, contribution dollars can be withdrawn at anytime without tax consequences


  • Payroll Deductions
  • You have the option to have various amounts from your paycheck moved to your different accounts within the credit union.
  • Direct Deposit
  • Be assured that your paycheck will be in the credit union on pay day. Sign up for direct deposit today. Send all your paycheck or part of your paycheck to the credit union. Sign up with your employer.
  • Online Access
  • You are able to access different functions of you account, such as transfers and balances.
  • E-Statements
  • You have the option to have your statements emailed directly to you each month.

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